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13th stop – Sequioa National Park – Growth pain and patience

Our 13th stop in our roadtrip was Sequioa National Park. It was time for higher elevation and lower temperature compared to last 5 stops in the desert.

I’ve learned that these trees are the largest and tallest in the world because of the right combination of soil, atmosphere, elevation height and number of sunlight. The perfect recipe for growth. Secondly, we’ve learned that these trees are old and it takes them about 100 years to be as wide as a dime.

Our personal growth in our personal and professional life can also be compared to these two characteristics. We need the right ingredients for growth, and we need patience for growth. Our society may project another concept, namely that everything can come with a “touch on a button”. The instantaneous satisfying society. Unfortunately, this is not seen in the fundamental nature of growth. A baby takes 9 months to be fully developed into a healthy born baby. Or a Sequioa tree takes about 1,000 years to be so big and majestic that we can enjoy it’s grandeur during a roadtrip.

Take the time to grow, learn and apply and enjoy the ride of life.

For more practical information about visiting Sequioa National Park, please visit https://www.nps.gov/seki/index.htm for maps and alerts. In our trip with three kids, we were only able to see the Giant trees, General Sherman, the “fallen” tree, climb the Moro Rock and drive halfway through Kings Canyon.


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