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11th stop – Grand Canyon

What makes the Grand Canyon so grandeur is the width and depth of the canyon. However, I was not able to comprehend this from the Mather overlook (first picture). My eyes nor the lens can capture it.IMG_7296

So we hiked the Bright Angel trail down to the first rest house. We dropped about 200 meter in elevation, but that was only a tenth of the elevation. That is when I realized how big and majestic the Grand Canyon truly is.IMG_7331

The same applies to the discipline of Project Management. You will only comprehend the width and depth of a project when you deep dive the details when you start the Work Brakedown Structure and start enlisting all activities to complete the Work to achieve the project goal. Each activity has a duration and a number of resources required. This translates in the basis for the schedule and the budget.


Evidently, not all projects are the same in size and complexity. Nor does all project have to use the PMI Waterfall methodology. Sometimes Agile Scrum is more appropriate.

To learn more, please contact me and we can discuss.


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