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8th stop – Exceptional canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is an exceptional piece of land. The hoodoos are unique in shape and form. And the number of hoodoos together in one place makes it grandeur. From all the canyons I’ve seen, this one stands out. It differentiate itself.


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What makes your business model exceptional? The design of your product, the customer base or the way you generate cash? How do you differentiate yourself in the marketplace? How do you stand out in the midst of all the other offers?

I see tons of IoT solutions in the market. Each of them are niche market players with a unique solution: #AIM.Group, #Evalan, #KPN, #I-Real, #Mastervolt, #TTN, #Scheider Electric, #Quby, #Conclusion and #Sprint. Each is getting a fair share of the market. They each have a unique blend of market, customer base, solution and way of doing business. Welcome to the world of IoT Hoodoos.



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