Family life

Sixth stop – Our royal photoshoot

Did you know that The Netherlands has a kingship? Did you know that the king and his family always allows the press to take picture when they go on their annual ski holiday in Lech? So did we take our family picture in the snow in the Colorado Ricky Mountains.

Our sixth stop was actually three stops on our way from Denver CO to Moab UT.

First stop: Loveland pass at 11,991ft elevation. Just before the Eisenhower tunnel on I-70 going West, you can take the Exit to US-6 to Loveland pass. It was fun to drive up behind a multitude of SUV’s packed with ski’s and snowboard. It looked like this was the only place left open for skiing late in the season. And this is so close to Denver CO, about an hour drive.

Second stop: Glenwood Springs. Here we took a lunch break. After that we took the tramway up the mountain to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.


Third stop: Colorado National Monument. What a climax change in temperature. From -4 C to 28 C. From two thick layers of cloth to zero layer,  shorts and a lot of drinkwater.



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