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Siete (seven) – the 7th stop: Arches National Park

With our red Prius we crossed the peaks of the Rocky Mountains and the low deserts of Utah to get to Arches National Park.

Prius? That small compact car can carry 2 adults and three kids and all their luggage? Yes. Yes. So why?

Dutch people are in general more environment friendly minded people. I believe a bit of history and the type of land (# resources) has caused the majority of this way of thinking. The undercurrent theme is efficiency. And I’m a strong believer that efficiency thinking drives innovation, new valuable ways of doing things, like fuel efficient cars.

So ask yourself, is there a more efficient way in doing my job? Is there a more efficient way of servicing our customers? Efficient meaning with less resources. Thus, with less hours, less people or less hassle. To answer the question you need to first pause and measure the amount of resources spent on a certain activity. Once that baseline is set, we need to collaboratively brainstorm ideas that drastically reduces the amount of resources. After that, we need to test the ideas to find out which one will yield the desired results. BAM! There you have innovation driven by efficiency.


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