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4th Stop – World war 1 memorial

Kansas City. This is the place we stopped to see a model train exhibition at the Union Station. Then we walked to the World War I Memorial across the Union Station.

World wars are interesting. Does this mean the whole world is at war, or just the major countries with power? World war 1 was caused by the major instability across the powers of the world (source: Wikipedia). A good reason the United Nations is established after world war 2 to ensure that stability. However, I see that UN and its sister organizations as IMF and World Bank, are enabling stability, but at a particular cost. An inequality between poor countries (underdeveloped on purpose) versus the welfare and wealth of the nation of powers. So in a simplified way, the stability comes at the cost of inequality. In the other way, equality across the world will lead to instability, and may even lead to the next world war.

For the purpose of innovation, business and entrepreneurship, I would advocate for peace and stability, and equality through a new world order, a new kingdom, through the kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Now obviously, this is not possible without the eradication of sin from the face of the earth. If you believe in the Bible, you can read that this time, new age and era will come, when Jesus returns.

Regardless of your worldview, and it may differ from mine, we need to accept the reality of the current system and establishment, but live in a way that is not bound by the system. I would suggest more than to ‘live in peace’ with each other, or to ‘respect’ one another. I would encourage you to live by trusting each other, and by accepting each other the way they are. Don’t put someone in a box, or stereotype. Accept each others diversity and background. Every human being regardless of race or color is worth your trust. This way we will prevent the next world war.

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