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Second stop

Field Museum Chicago. Let’s study the Native Americans. The Inca empire was as great as the Roman Empire in Europe. They were both build upon the concept of a state: three pillars namely Economics, Military and Ideology (Worldview/Religion).

So why did Europe “win” over the Inca’s and Maya’s? I would theorize it’s innovation. Europe had innovated gun powder in a useful tool/weapon to conquer.

How come did Europe innovated that before the Native American did? I would suggest the conditions forced them into the innovation. Not because Europeans are smarter. No. Did Europeans worship the better gods? No. Did Europeans have more wealth? No.

What can businesses learn from this ancient history? I would say create the right conditions for innovation. I believe innovation comes from employees. Thus, ensure the HR policies, the office environment, proximity to other innovative companies and access to airport for visit from afar to enable the innovation. Your innovation in the Internet of Things will require the right conditions to ensure the ideas and concepts comes to fruition. Thanks to ancient history we can evolve our innovations further if we set the right conditions.



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